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About Megan Cera

Megan Cera is the finest service provider company which is dealing with different types of tiles. The company believes in the philosophy of growth, The growth to higher than yesterday, The growth to the perfect than yesterday. Overall growth of the company is only possible when each of the team members has the same enthusiasm. At Megan Cera we have the team of young and dynamic people with an entrepreneurial mind set. Each team member has the superior knowledge of his or her respective field. From production to packing and from quality check to transportation, We have the best people to make any job decently. So, When it comes to tiles it’s always us.

  • We are striving with all our capabilities to provide the quality support and the service to the customers they never experienced before.


Anti bacterial
Resistance to impact ( >3m2)
Fire resistance
Great life and strength
Chemical Resistance
Scratch Resistance


We want to create beautiful tiles to pacify the needs of our customers. We are a customer centric company hence we believe in catering them the tailored products according to their needs. This makes us pioneers in the industries. We want to continue creating splendid tiles and keep our customers happy.


To achieve leadership by developing superior designs for tiles and offering exceptional service in sales and quality checks to bring pride and joy to Importers, Builders & Developers, Contractor & Architects who are using our products.

We want to be a company that has it’s tiles in every corner of the world.

Quality is Priceless

We are here to serve you.

Megan Cera is the latest step forward to provide you porcelain stoneware production by using cutting edge technology, a new frontier that edges the industrial product even closer to the natural look of marble.

All the tiles are created using the most advanced technologies. We ensure that the final product that adorns the homes of our customers speak about quality and panache.

Providing tiles with high quality standards is always our priority. Our expert team always keeps an eye on every single step in the complex process of the tile making and supplying. We source high quality material that is used to make your living space lively.

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