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Large Porcelain Slab Manufacturer and Supplier | 80 x 320 CM | Megan Cera

Feel the unparalleled elegance and versatility with MeganCera's 80 x 320 cm large format porcelain slabs. Slabs of this extraordinary dimension will reopen all contemporary design possibilities through their expansive dimensions and flawless craftsmanship. Perfect for seamless surfaces or striking architectural elements, each slab is engineered down to the smallest detail for aesthetic beauty and resistance. In residential or commercial settings, MeganCera's large format porcelain slabs bring space into 'alive' condition with their refined texture and sophisticated color options.

Perfectly engineered, MeganCera's 800 x 3200 mm porcelain slabs are an absolute exception. These slabs are specifically designed to be hard-wearing; hence, they are resistant to various agents like stains, scratches, and heat, which makes them suitable even for high-traffic areas and challenging environments. Additionally, the uniform thickness helps in convenient handling and mounting. Secondly, the finish options range from matte to polished, thus proving to be diverse for different tastes in design. Besides, these slabs are further environmentally friendly, hence showing MeganCera's care about responsible production.

MeganCera large format porcelain slabs—such is the versatility—can be applied to many applications across residential, commercial, and public spaces. They turn kitchen countertops, bathroom walls, and flooring into sleek statements in house spaces. At a commercial level—for instance, in hotels, offices, and shops—they become seamless facades and reception desks, sprawling conference tables. The durability and aesthetic appeal further allow public locales to take advantage of such products in outdoor cladding, urban furniture, or interior design features that exude timeless elegance and practical performance.

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