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Large Porcelain Slab Manufacturer and Supplier | 80 x 160 CM | Megan Cera

Introducing our Premium 80 x 160 cm Large Format Porcelain Slabs, which represent a significant step up in offering a unique combination of elegance with practicality. Our exquisite slabs are designed to carry along spaces while adding seamless beauty and superior functionality. The exceptionally finished slabs, in residential and commercial projects alike, boast generous dimensions which, for interior and exterior projects, set them apart.

State-of-the-art technology combines strength and superior durability against wear in our large-format porcelain slabs. Their larger sizes accommodate high-traffic spaces comprehensively, leading to load-bearing capacity without having to sacrifice style. Its seamless, expansive surface provides a luxurious and uninterruptible appearance that makes any room more extensive and open. Be it flooring, wall cladding, countertops, or some unique installations, these large porcelain slabs all work together to present a modern look.

Our wide slabs of 80 x 160 cm are distinguished by various stunning designs featuring a variety of tastes and architectural styles that can currently be considered. From modern minimalist to classical elegance, each slab becomes a work of art in its own right with the detailed patterns and textures created in this process in such a way that it easily gets confused with natural stone, marble, or wood. Not only the accuracy but also the care dedicated to the design process will make every slab not only beautiful but practical and easy to clean.

Large Format Porcelain Slabs are of considerable size and uniform hence laying is very easy and quick. In addition, they minimize grouting for a cleaner look. Besides, the slabs will not be stained, scratched, or allow water infiltration; hence, they become handy in kitchens, baths, living areas, and outdoors. Also, versatility and resistance make them a suitable investment for any project: timeless elegance and great functionality.

Bring designs to the next level with Luxury and Durability in one—Large Format Porcelain Slabs 800 x 1600 mm, perfect in form and functionality combined to turn your space into sublimity. You will undoubtedly fall head over heels in love with the unbeatable quality and beauty of our porcelain slabs, giving new wings to creativity so that you can soar high.

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