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Buy Premium Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles | 30 x 120 CM Full Body Step Riser | Megan Cera

Introducing our 30x120 cm Full Body Step Riser Porcelain Tile, an exquisite blend that incorporates durability and elegance to increase the beauty of your spaces. Each tile is made in this collection through state-of-the-art techniques that combine style and strength faultlessly. These step riser tiles will add a touch of elegance to your stairs, pools, and other elevated surfaces, perfectly suitable for residential and commercial uses.

Our Full Body Step Riser Porcelain Tiles come with a refined finish that is beautiful and functional. The choice of finish can range from silk, peach, polished, matt finishes—proving its versatility of look to suit every design taste. More than enhancing the look of the tile, the finish gives the floor a slip-resistant quality, making this floor safe and stylish in-demand areas of high foot traffic.

Our 30x120 Full Body Step Riser Porcelain Tiles are versatile and, because of that, suitable for use in a vast range of applications. Perfect for staircases, this tile will add a comprehensive and refined look when installed as step risers. Hence, it is ideal for hallways, entrance ways, and generally every high-traffic area where strength and beauty are needed most. Further to residential usage, these tiles will not be out of place in any commercial setting, such as hotels, offices, and retail outlets, which need durable solutions that also exude class.

Choosing our Full Body Step Riser Porcelain Tiles comes with many advantages. They come in various finishes to suit different tastes and requirements. Since they are very hard, the maintenance requirement is low, and they are good value for money in the long run. Furthermore, they are resistant to water, stains, and scratches, thus appropriate for both indoors and outdoors. By choosing these tiles, you get a product that unites style, durability, and easy care to keep your spaces looking good and working well for years. These tiles come with a plethora of features that set them apart in the market. 

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