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Shop Durable Ceramic Floor Tiles at Best Price | 39.6 x 39.6 CM | Megan Cera

Discover elegance and durability in our 39.6 x 39.6 cm ceramic floor tiles, expertly created to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. The tiles signify a perfect blend of style and functionality, designed to meet even the most standards of quality and performance. MeganCera works to provide customers with products exuding quality artistry and innovative designs for creating a beautiful yet long-lasting flooring solution.


Our ceramic floor tiles feature a refined finish that exudes sophistication and class. The surface is smooth yet robust, giving it that sleek look that's so easy to maintain. With various finishes from glossy to matte such tiles can be used in different interior design preferences to create the atmosphere you want in your house or commercial building. Every tile passes through several cycles of finishing to ultimately come out as one that continues to exude its pristine look for years ahead.

Versatility is a hallmark of our 39.6 x 39.6 cm ceramic floor tiles. suitable for residential and commercial applications, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, patio, and walkways. Built for durability, they will surely be a great type of flooring for places that rake in foot traffic daily, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and offices, because of the classic design and rugged construction that reduces their wear and tear. These will serve in renovating a house or a new commercial establishment and suit any decor. There are several benefits associated with selecting our ceramic floor tiles.

Choosing our ceramic floor tiles comes with a vast of advantages.Their durability and low maintenance requirements translate into cost savings over time, as they do not need frequent replacement or extensive cleaning. Aesthetic versatility gives these tiles applications so varied that you will be able to carve out a personalized look at its best, testifying volumes about your taste. In this way, with MeganCera's ceramic floor tiles of 39.6 x 39.6 cm, you are investing the value, beauty, and sustainability of the space.

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