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Outdoor Porcelain Tiles | Megan Cera

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles


Outdoor spaces have been enhanced by porcelain tiles that connect us to nature. Patios and yards have been revolutionized by the versatile use of porcelain tiles in design. These durable 20mm tiles seamlessly blend form and function, driving their popularity for outdoor applications. 

Both beautiful and practical, 20mm porcelain tiles are becoming ubiquitous for landscaping. Their benefits are plenty and varied. Impervious to moisture and stains, they withstand the elements without fading or cracking. Both slip-resistant and warm underfoot, they provide safety and comfort year-round. Maintaining their like-new appearance requires little more than an occasional rinse.

Explore Porcelain Tiles Collection

For learning about the full spectrum of advantages offered by 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles, along with guidance on installation and sourcing quality options, refer to this comprehensive guide. Explore how these versatile surface solutions are revolutionizing outdoor living spaces and enhancing time spent in nature.

Advantages of Using 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

  • Durable Flooring to Stand up to Harsh Weather

Constructed from durable 20mm porcelain, these tiles offer unbeatable resilience against the elements. Their dense material construction withstands extreme temperatures, resisting cracking or damage from heat waves or severe frosts. Even heavy downpours and soaked conditions will not compromise the integrity of these tiles. 

  • Built for Outdoor Spaces

Designed specifically for exterior use, these porcelain tiles boast water and stain resistance to keep surfaces pristine. Their nonporous glaze protects against water seepage and the growth of mold or algae. Spills, wet surfaces, and general wear and tear will wipe clean easily.

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

  • Low Effort, High Style

Forget intensive cleaning routines with these low-maintenance tiles. Simply sweep or hose them off to remove dirt. Their impervious glaze means no sealing or treatments are needed. Homeowners can relax and enjoy trendy good looks without fussing over upkeep. Spend more time relaxing outdoors rather than maintaining the floor.

  • Design Versatility for Personalized Outdoor Spaces

Whether your heart seeks the modern sleekness or longs for rustic whispers, these 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles are your palette. Textured, patterned, or solid colors - each choice a chapter in your story of outdoor splendor.

Types and Styles of 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

  • Textures, Patterns, Colors

Each tile, a verse in the poetry of design. From the ruggedness of textures to the melodies of patterns and the serenity of solid colors, they are the lexicon of your outdoor design language.

  • Contemporary to Rustic, Mediterranean to Modern

These tiles are the chameleons of style, adapting, enhancing, and transforming. Your outdoor space becomes a reflection of your world, a seamless blend of home and nature.

Installation Process for 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Embark on your outdoor tile installation journey with a detailed step-by-step. All of the basic surface preparation, necessary tools, and even guidance into professional and solid installation are covered in this section. Professional tips will allow the readers to skip through common difficulties as easily as possible throughout the process.

Maintenance Guide for 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Maintain the immaculate look for 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles with an elaborate guide to maintenance. Learn about routine cleaning, how to remove stubborn stains and also ensuring the susceptibility of the tiles to moss or algae is averted. Receive guidance on maintaining them during extreme weather conditions thereby keeping the elegance intact for long to come.

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Where to Buy 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

Megan Cera is a leading exporter for 20mm porcelain tile in unbeatable quality. Attention to detail and diversity of choice make them on top for those looking for nothing but the best when it comes to 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles. Transform your outdoors into a breath-taking ambient with their beautiful collection.


All in all, the 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles bring about endless options to exterior designs. These sets of tiles have a lot more to offer concerning long-lasting durability, weather proofing and variability of design. Mention how important the correct installation is and good maintenance that will extend the life of these tiles offering various ideas from which readers can pick and choose what they want to utilize in designing their own outdoor living areas. Opt for 20mm thick porcelain tiles when going for a timeless project outdoors, elegant and of utility at the same time.

Discover the epitome of sophistication with Megan Cera’s exquisite collection of porcelain tiles. Our range is not just about covering surfaces; it's about redefining spaces with elegance and durability. Feel free to explore our diverse selection and reach out for any specific needs.

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